Wellbeing on Instagram

Addressing the pressure to be perfect toolkit for young people
Find tips to help you to be who you want to be online



Managing your wellbeing on Instagram

This toolkit is designed to help you make your time on Instagram positive, inspiring, and balanced.

It’s here to help you figure out the best ways for you to use the platform and encourage you to be mindful of  how time online impacts your emotional wellbeing. You’ll find helpful tips and tools that can improve your experience, and connect you with resources for further support.

This is a tool book, not a rule book. It’s not here to tell you who you are or what to do. The Toolkit is about helping you to decode not just images, but the emotions around them—how you feel when you’re on Instagram, how you feel about content and people you come across, how you feel about what you share–and even what it feels like not to share.

With that self-awareness, you can use these tools and suggestions to make informed decisions about how you use the platform. And it’s not all about you—we’ll talk about ways to reach out to others who might need help.

Resources light-bulb

Visit Instagram’s Help centre for support on any issues

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How the toolkit can help you

Like Instagram, this toolkit is meant to be fun! It is intended to suggest ways for you to create meaningful connections and conversations. Try taking some of the quizzes with a friend or a parent and talking about your results, or sharing some of the insights you take away after reading.

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