Google Nest parental control guide

Controls & Settings guide

Google Nest is a line of smart home products that include smart speakers and smart displays. Used with the Google Home app you can apply content filters, and block explicit music and video content from a range of apps.  It can also be used alongside Google Digital Wellbeing tools to help children benefit from connected technology.

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What do I need?

Google Home App

Restrictions you can apply

icon Inappropriate content

Step by Step instructions


How to restrict content on Google Nest speakers and displays

Step 1 – Open the Google Home app

Step 2 – Go to settings and click on the gear icon

Step 3 – from there go to the Digital Wellbeing options and select ‘Set up ‘ and ‘Add device filter’

You can choose to set the following features:

  • Allow any video
  • Only allow filtered videos
  • Block all videos

Irrespective of the filters, audiobooks and radio stations will always be available.