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Find tools available to help you and your family set digital boundaries for screen times and manage what children see online.

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Tech tools  and parental controls

Here are tech tools and parental control guides that you can use to set screen time limits on devices and platforms and monitor how your child is using their device to help them build good online habits.  It’s always good to sit down together with your child to discuss how you’ll be using these so they feel part of the decision making process.

Smartphones and other devices parental control guides

Entertainment, gaming & search engine control guides

Broadband & mobile network parental control guides

Social media privacy guides

Google safety tools for families

Use these related links to manage push notifications and auto-play on popular platforms.

Turn off notification on Facebook platform

Turn off autoplay feature on YouTube

Turn off autoplay on Facebook videos

Manage ‘Your activity’ dashboard to monitor how you use the add

Monitor your time on Facebook with its dashboard

How to turn off auto-play on Netflix

Review apps and platforms for kids

Get support to choose the best apps and platforms most suitable for your child with these helpful resources.

Read age-appropriate reviews of all media for kids and parents

See curated list of the best child-friendly apps

NSPCC Net Aware apps guide

Social media

Get bespoke safety advice on the most popular social media platforms that children use to make your child aware of community guideline and how to report and block inappropriate content.

Facebook bullying prevention resources

Safety on Twitter

Instagram tips for parents

YouTube policies and safety

Snapchat support

Support & Counselling Service

Should your child need extra support, counselling or mentoring to cope with an online safety issue then these organisations may be able to provide advice and services.

Counselling services for children

Counselling services for children

A nationwide counselling directory service

How to talk about mental health with your GP

Guide to get the right mental health support