PSA: New campaign launched to offer online safety advice for families

The campaign, created by End Violence Against Children Fund and backed by Facebook, has been launched to help young people ‘Stay safe at home. Stay Safe online’.

We’ve been working with Facebook and other industry players to help boost an international online safety campaign for parents, to help keep their children safe during COVID-19 lockdown. The campaign by End Violence Against Children Fund has been launched in collaboration with five governments, six companies and numerous NGOs.

What advice is available to support parents?

The campaign features a video providing the following steps to keep children safe online:

  • Talk with children about online risks
  • Stay involved in their digital world
  • Know who they’re connecting with online
  • Use privacy and security settings
  • Block and report people who make them feel uncomfortable
  • Stay safe at home. Stay safe online

What advice is available for young people?

For young people here there is also a video providing the following five steps to stay safe online:

  • Stay alert – things aren’t always what they seem
  • Always think before you share
  • Use privacy and security settings
  • Block people you don’t know or trust
  • Tell a trusted adult if anything makes you feel uncomfortable

In addition to these videos, the campaign highlights a range of resources available to manage children’s online safety from guides on managing social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to ways to tackle bullying and online grooming.

To learn more about the ‘Stay Safe at home. Stay Safe Online.’ campaign and get access to resources visit:

Navigate social media safely light-bulb

Get tools and tips to support your child’s digital wellbeing on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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