Internet Matters’ response to draft Online Safety Bill

The Online Safety Bill aims to prevent harm to individuals by addressing illegal and harmful content online. Internet Matters has considered the Bill and responded to areas that need improvement from media literacy interventions to collaboration with industry experts.

The Government’s aspiration is for the UK to be the safest place to be online, and the Draft Online Safety Bill includes new responsibilities for service providers to reduce exposure and respond to harmful content.

We welcome the Bill and measures that will help children have safer online experiences. While the Draft is a good start, there is room for improvement.

Our response outlines the need for expectations that empower users rather than alienate them, enhanced media literacy interventions for vulnerable young people, and for collaboration with established online safety experts when developing and implementing regulation.

We also highlight the importance of clear communications around the Bill so harm and safety messages are balanced with reminders about the benefits of being online, and so the Bill is understood as a first step in a long-term commitment to improve online safety, rather than a one-time solution.

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Visit the Gov.UK website to see read more about the Online Safety Bill, which seeks to establish a regime to regulate illegal and harmful content online.

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