Sky Kids App

The kids app is a dedicated space for kids to watch their favourite shows and play games in a child-friendly environment with built in parental controls for peace of mind.

Keeping kids entertained in a safe space

The app offers a fun and safe way for children to play games and stream their favourite shows in a family-friendly environment with no adverts. Each child can have an age profile set, so they can only access the content that’s right for them and Sleep Mode lets adults choose when the app will automatically switch off.

These settings build on the peace of mind that Sky customers already get from a range of enhanced security features such as Sky Broadband Shield designed to help keep children safe online. These features let customers filter which websites are seen in their home and protects against malware and phishing, and parental controls on their TV to pin protect access to certain content.

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Key features

Designed with children at the heart

The Sky Kids app offers a fun and safe way for pre-schoolers to nine-year-olds to stream and enjoy a wide range of the most popular kids’ TV. You can navigate the app using images rather than text so younger children are able to use it easily.

Parents have been involved in the development of the Sky Kids app. The result is an app that kids will love, supported by safety features that parents need.

Creates digital boundaries for safer viewing

As children can create their own profiles (up to 10), the app is able to recommend shows based on their age and browsing habits that helps keep children safe online.

It also means that parents can use parental controls to disable access to certain channels for individual profiles to make safer for each child. There is also a bedtime setting which disables the app at a pre-set time.

Set up Sky Kids App

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