Broadband Shield

Sky Broadband Shield comes with Sky Broadband packages at no extra cost, giving families control over their online experience.

Online protection for the whole family

Sky Broadband Shield is an online protection tool available free to all Sky Broadband customers that gives families full control over the content that can be accessed across all devices connected to the home network.

There are three settings to choose from PG, 13, and 18. By default, Sky Broadband Shield will be set to age rating 13 with Watershed applied but it can be changed at any time.

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Key features

Creating digital boundaries with age rating settings

By default Sky Broadband Shield is set to age rating 13 with Watershed applied which means specific types of adult content are blocked automatically without needing to be set across all devices connected to your home broadband. It also includes Safe Search, which helps block explicit content and images from your search engine results.

This gives families peace of mind and offers a simple way to keep children from seeing things they may not be ready for.

Flexible filters to suit family needs

As well as allowing you to set protection using three age ratings (PG, 13, 18) you can also block or allow specific websites or website categories.

Protection from malware and phishing sites

Provides protection against malware-infected and phishing websites – these are sites that contain viruses or pretend to be from trusted sources, such as your bank, to trick you into providing personal details.

Set up Sky Broadband Shield

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Supporting 6 – 10s

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Supporting 11-13s

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