Safer Internet Day 2022

Internet Matters supports Safer Internet Day, coordinated by UK Safer Internet Centre, which takes place on the 8th February. The theme for Safer Internet Day is  ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.

To educate parents and carers on the language children use in their online spaces, we are supporting the day with our new campaign, Level Up Your Lingo. We’ve provided a list of words along with advice from our experts to help children create positive online relationships through their language.

Learn more about how you can help children have safe online interactions.

Level Up Your Lingo this Safer Internet Day

Through the use of social media and the online world, children have been innovators in creating new words to communicate with each other online. While ‘YOLO’ and ‘the gram’ have been adopted into our day to day language, this ‘online speak’ continues to evolve at a fast pace.

To highlight this and the importance of encouraging children and young people to consider how they communicate online, we’ve created a list of lesser know slang words to explore.

Share this with your children to start a conversation about how they interact with friends online and help them reflect on the best ways to maintain positive interactions.

Can you decode the words that children use online?

Resources for positive interactions online

Find helpful resources and guides to have conversations with young people about the best ways to socialise and communicate with each other online to promote online safety. We’ve also included a guides to support children with SEND and those who identify as LGBTQ+.

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Resources to support vulnerable children

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