Houseparty Privacy Settings

Controls & Settings guide

The Houseparty app has a range of privacy and safety settings that can help you manage who can have conversations with you and see if you are active on the app. You can also opt-out from certain ways that your personal data can be used on the platform.

Houseparty has been discontinued by Epic Games. Those who have downloaded it before September 2021 may still have access but new accounts cannot be made.

What do I need?

A Houseparty account

Restrictions you can apply

icon Chatting
icon Location sharing
icon Privacy

Step by Step instructions


How to lock rooms on the app to prevent strangers entering conversations

Once you have logged in to the app, tap the lock icon at the bottom of the screen to lock the room to people you have not invited in.


How to set location settings

1. Tap the face on the left hand side of the screen a and then tap the cog at the top of the menu.

2. On the settings menu, tap permissions anhd then disable Location sharing.


How to enable Private Mode

Privacy Mode will ensure that every room you go into will be locked by default.

1. Tap the face on the left hand side of the screen a and then tap the cog at the top of the menu.

2. Tap the Privacy Mode option on the settings menu to enable private mode.


How to manage friend notifications, report and block

You can opt to ghost a friend so that they will no longer get notified to that you are on the app.  You can also mute a friend to not receive any notification that they are on the app. If you want to report and block a friends you also have this option on the app.

1. Go to your friends list

2. Tap on the three dots next to the friend you’d like to manage

3. Then tap on ‘Ghosting’, ‘In the House’ to turn activate or deactivate the option.

4. You can also unfriend or report or block a friend on this menu.


How to disconnect social apps linked to the app

You can opt to disconnect your social apps from the platform to limit the number of people it suggests to invite on the app.

1. On the settings menu, tap permissions and then disable Location sharing.

2. Tap on the ‘Connect Facebook’ to disable this permission.


How to ‘sneak in’ the app without contacts getting notified

Press and hold the app icon on your screen and the app will not send any notifications to your friends to show that you are active on the app.


How to restrict data use on the app

According to Houseparty Privacy policy you can email [email protected] to opt out and restrict the ways your personal data can be used on the app.