Getting ready to talk

Think about when and where best to talk to them – in the car or a neutral place where they feel safe

Jot down what you want to say to focus your mind, and make the conversation relevant to them

Be open and encouraging to make them feel supported

Have a few bite sized conversations to give them time to process

What you need to know

Typically 11 – 13 year olds will:

Have access to a smartphone or tablet

60% of 8-11s and 97% of 12-15s own mobile phones (Ofcom)

Use the internet to play games

69% of 8-11s and 76% of 12-15s play games online (Ofcom)

Do homework online

77% of children aged 12-17 say being online helps with school and homework (Ofcom)

Watch videos online and socialise with friends

95% of 8-11s and 98% of 12-15s use video-sharing platforms; 64% of 8-11s and 91% of 12-15s use social media (Ofcom)

There has been a rapid growth in the number of 11-13 years olds using social media – often with accounts on multiple social networks

Children as young as 11 post an average of 26 times a day, attract 100 followers to every one of their profiles

60% of 8-11s have their own social media profile despite most platforms requiring a minimum age of 13

Bullying is a learnt behaviour, so it’s important to set a good example and regularly reinforce being a good digital citizen

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