TikTok Playbook

The essential safeguarding guide
Young people have a world of digital content at their fingertips. With TikTok, we created the Playbook to fill in the gaps teachers might have when it comes to the popular platform.

Explore the Playbook below to help you recognise potential safeguarding issues and understand the platform’s latest privacy and security features. Staying informed will help your students safely engage with the platform.

The TikTok Playbook is an essential safeguarding guide for teachers

About the Playbook

Only 15% of the teachers we recently surveyed said they know TikTok well. While it may be a bit of a mystery for many educators, the popular social platform has transformed the way that students interact online.

With a whole world of digital content at your students’ fingertips, our TikTok Playbook has all the information and advice you need to recognise the potential safeguarding issues, understand the latest privacy and security features and support students to use the platform safely.

Get the TikTok Playbook

You can access the interactive Playbook below to learn about TikTok and how to use it to support your teaching. Select which pages you’d like to view or navigate with the < > arrows.

Other languages

Explore and download translated versions of the TikTok Playbook below.

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