BBC Own It

BBC Own It is the BBC’s online safety platform designed to help children aged 7-12, and their parents, carers and teachers, make the most of their digital lives. This includes helping children get to know their devices, learn how to navigate the online world safely and to find help with any problems they may encounter.

BBC Own It

What you need to know about Own It

The BBC Own It website has a range of content for parents and carers to help children navigate the digital world safely.

There’s also a teachers section, which maps Own It’s content for children against online safety lesson topics and has downloadable resources for the classroom.

Helping children find balance

It’s really important that children lead a happy and healthy life online, but that balance can become tricky when they get their hands on their first phone.

Own It has 4 main sections to help children:

  • The Basics covers different parts of their online world, from social media to gaming, from vlogging to spotting fake news.
  • Take Control is full of digital wellbeing content.
  • It’s Personal covers friendships and relationships online.
  • Don’t Panic gives advice on how to cope with problems children may encounter and links to organisations to offer help.

Special keyboard to support your child

The BBC Own It app and keyboard can also be downloaded on the Apple or Google Play store. The app and keyboard use specially developed machine learning technology combined with a self-reporting function to build a picture of how your child is doing in their online life.

Support your child in their digital world

Watch parent online safety advice videos that we’ve created with BBC Own It

We have teamed up with Own It to produce some useful videos about helping your child in their digital world. It’s important to encourage your child to learn to be safe online and become a good digital citizen, as well as being up to date with information so that you can be there for them when they have questions or concerns. Visit the BBC Own It website to watch all the videos.

What’s new on Own It?

Parents: Help them make the most of their online lives

Own It’s new parents’ section, including videos we created together, is full of ideas to help your child have positive experiences online. From your child’s first device to managing screen time to advice around gaming, you’re bound to find helpful content.


Parents on BBC Own It

Safer Internet Day 2022: All fun and games?

The world of video gaming is ever-evolving. From mobile apps to online gaming tournaments, children and teens have the chance to explore different worlds in different ways, creating communities and connecting with people all over the globe. While this can be very exciting for young people, it can be challenging for parents to understand the issues children may face. If you’re confused, Own It’s got you and your child covered.

BBC Own It SID 2022

Teaching resources

If you’re a teacher of children aged 7-11, Own It has recently curated content in line with the Education for a Connected World Framework. It covers a number of core topics for online safety lessons including Online Bullying, Privacy and Security and Self-Image and Identity among others. There are downloadable lesson ideas packs to go along with each piece of content.

BBC Own It for teachers

The BBC Own It App

The app and keyboard helps promote positive behaviours online and steps in to help when your child may be struggling.

The keyboard uses special technology to check what’s being typed and gives feedback and support, helpful tips and friendly advice. The BBC Own It app also has a diary feature where children can track how they’re feeling.

Everything that a child types using the keyboard is kept completely private and never leaves the app on their device. That means that children can use the keyboard, add notes and track their emotions without worrying about who might see.

Adele Jennings of and Internet Matters parent vlogger shares her review of the BBC Own It app and keyboard.

Support your child’s wellbeing

In addition to using the BBC Own It website and app, your child will need your help to get the best out of their online experiences. Having ongoing check-ins about what they do online is important. We’ve created several guides to help you do just that. See a few of these below to help you manage your child’s digital wellbeing.

Digital resilience toolkit

Give your child a guiding hand as they start their digital journey online with practical tips.

Conversation starter tips

Help children deal with online issues and open up about their digital lives with these simple tips.

Related support for your child

To support the work we’ve done for parents on managing inappropriate content online, BBC has created a video for children to guide them on what they should do if they come across anything upsetting online. Check out the video here.

What to do if you’ve seen something online that has upset you