See a list of resources, organisations and helplines that you can use to help support your child and deal with any concerns you may have about extremism and radicalisation.

What’s on the page

Useful resources

Helplines to get support

Here are a number or organisations and helpline that can offer one-to-one support for you and your child.

Report online material promoting terrorism or extremism

Helpline to prevent British nationals from travelling to conflict zones – 020 8539 2770

Anti-Terrorist Hotline to report suspicious activity – 0800 789 321

For any worries a child may have

Mothers against Violence offers support for child is at risk or involved in gun/gang/knife crime – 08450 662 4867

Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) – 0808 808 2008

Where to report

Here are sites where you can report suspicious activity or material promoting terrorism or extremism.

Online qualified counsellors for children

Report Suspicious Activity

Support service for young people under 25

Help from other organisations

Here is a list of organisations where you can learn more about how to protect your child from extremist influences.

Let’s Talk About it – site advice for prevention of radicalisation and terrorism

Advice for young people

JAN Trust provides services to hard to reach communities

Educate Against Hate – practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation

FAST support vulnerable families and individuals

Useful information on gangs and violence.

Support & Counselling Services

Should your child need support, counselling or mentoring to cope then these organisations may be able to provide advice and services.

Counselling services for children

A nationwide counselling directory service

How to talk about mental health with your GP

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