Going Too Far — tackle extremism with this classroom resource

Created by LGfL and the Department for Education, Going Too Far is a new resource for teachers to help students understand extremism and dangerous or illegal behaviours online.

What’s on the page

What is Going Too Far?

Going Too Far provides teachers with scenario-based activities that promote discussion around extremism and behaviours that are dangerous or illegal.

Each section offers guidance on how it can be adapted for different age groups and, with a teacher mode and a pupil mode, experiences and information are tailored to suit a variety of users.

What is included?

  • Starter videos from subject experts
  • Scenario-based activities to explore potential risks in gaming and social media
  • A help area for support and reporting channels
  • Teacher notes, extension activities, video guides and suggested answers to help support informative discussions
  • SEND and Inclusion resources that are differentiated to support a wide range of learners

How can it be used?

With a goal to promote critical thinking and build resilience, Going Too Far uses recent case studies to promote discussion in the classroom.

Students can safely explore techniques used by extremists and learn to evaluate digital content. Case studies challenge extremist narratives and students consider the consequences to support their understanding of the topic.

How does it support the curriculum?

Developed by the Department for Education in conjunction with London Grid for Learning, Going Too Far has a series of activities that have cross-curricular relevance. Facilitate whole-school learning that is in line with RSHE guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education, and the Education for a Connected World’s framework from UKCIS.

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