Getting ready to talk

Think about when and where best to talk to them – in the car or a neutral place where they feel safe

Jot down what you want to say to focus your mind, and make the conversation relevant to them

Be open and encouraging to help them feel supported

Have a few bite sized conversations to give them time to process

What you need to know

Having an honest relationship with your child is the first step in being able to tackle cyberbullying

Talk to them about their digital lives, just as you would their offline lives

A large majority of young people that have experienced bullying will never tell anyone or report it because of fear that it will not be taken seriously

Ditch the Label research found that those who have experienced bullying themselves are also twice as likely to go on and bully others

Bullying is a learnt behaviour – so it’s important to set a good example and regularly reinforce being a good digital citizen

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