Do the basics on social media

Things to do together

Find a range of activities and resources to use with your child to prepare them for social media and help them develop good online safety habits.

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Things to do together activities

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Create your family agreement

What you will find
A template to set up some simple rules to help your child stay safe online

Check-in chat guide

What you will find
A template to structure your regular check-ins with your child about what they do online

Your digital passport

What you will find
A record of achievements for your child to see what they have learned

Storyboard to do together

What you will find
A storyboard to help your child think about issues that may happen online

Match The Word card game

What you will find
A simple game to test you and your child online safety knowledge

Is it OK to...? Activity

What you will find
An activity to help assess how your child will respond to different challenges online

How to choose passwords

What you will find
Use this guide to learn how to create and manage passwords and usernames for accounts on social media

Reward chart

What you will find
Designed to fill out with your child to reward them when they can complete an activity