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Learn more about how to stay safe on social media with our top 10 tips.

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Get the best out of social media with these tips

Tip 1 

Keep your personal information and profile private!

Tip 2 

Only add friends you know in real life.

Tip 3

Share your profile and photos only with close friends and family.

Tip 4

Avoid sharing your location or the school or clubs you go to.

Tip 5 

Never meet up alone with anyone you met and only know online.

Tip 6 

If someone hacks your account or makes a page in your name, report it to the site.

Tip 7 

Check you do not show any personal information like your school name, in photos and videos before you post.

Tip 8 

Try not to share all your plans and say where you will be next.

Tip 9

Ignore rude comments posted on your profile, tell a trusted adult so they can keep a record, block, and report.

Tip 10 

Never post or share nudes or sexually provocative photos. If you have made a mistake or someone uses this to make threats, report it, and get help from a parent, teacher, or an adult you trust. The police can trace abusive people.

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Cyberspace – Stuff to know guide

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