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Learn more about what fun things you can do on social media to get the best out it.

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Activities you can do on social media

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See examples of fun things you can do on social media

Draw a thank you note for a gift someone gave you, take a photo and send it on social media.

Skype family members to keep up with what they are doing.

Bake a showstopper cake and share a photo of it with key people in your life.

Send birthday wishes to a special someone using social media.

Share photos of a day out or an adventure.

Share a funny photo or video.

Sing a song in a short video and share with someone close to you.

Share funny gifs.

Like your friends’ posts.

Send a nice message.

Make a group chat with close friends or family.

Emojis, Memes and Gifs

Emojis are cute and fun to use. You can even use them when you don’t know what to say or you simply want to send a smile.


If you are not sure what an emoji means or want to check before you send you can visit


This can be a good idea so that you don’t send an emoji to someone by mistake that has a meaning you did not know.

Internet Memes – a meme is an idea or image that is copied and shared by many people for a time. Examples are beliefs, fashions, stories, and phrases. Friends often share a meme like a joke between them.

Gifs are animations that repeat themselves over and over again. They are often cute or funny, they can show a furry animal clapping their paws or a person looking amazed. There are gifs on smartphones and tablets if you look at the keyboard, you can also find more gifs online at GIPHY or even create your own from a range of Gif maker apps.