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Addressing the pressure to be perfect toolkit

Test yourself on how your social media use is contributing to your overall wellbeing, from what you share to maintaining a healthy perspective on who you are on and offline.

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Are you getting the most out of Instagram?

Editing a photo to look just right or landing on a caption that cracks you up is part of what makes Instagram fun—and there are other skills that can improve your time spent online. A big part of the Addressing the pressure to be perfect toolkit is making sure you have a strong sense of what you want to share and when.

Also, keeping a good perspective on the role the platform plays in your life, and knowing how to help others who seem to be struggling. These can all have a beneficial effect on your experience and others’. It might be worth taking some time to think about these areas and be a little more mindful.

We made a quiz for each one as a way for you to check-in with yourself. Knowing where you already have things figured out and where you want to be more intentional is a great way to keep your time on Instagram positive.

How can these quizzes help?

These quizzes are designed to help you check in with yourself about what feels right and comfortable. There are no right or wrong answers. In each scenario, choose the options closest to what you think you would do. Use the results as a jumping-off place to reflect on how you use Instagram and to decide whether you want to make any changes.

Sharing with sensitivity quiz

When you share something—whether it’s a meme, your thoughts on friendship, or a video of your pet—it’s important to think about where you’ll share it and who will see it.

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Need help with your privacy settings on Instagram? See our step-by-step how to guide for support.

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Maintaining perspective quiz

Sometimes online interactions can take an emotional toll—especially if you fall into the habit of negatively comparing yourself with others. Being mindful of your emotions and being able to put them into context can help.

Respond to kindness quiz

There are times when you might see others experiencing distress or saying things that set off alarm bells. What’s the best way to help someone online?

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Free to be Me Top Tips

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