Cyberbullying guide for parents, carers and schools

Together with Anti-Bullying Alliance and the National Children’s Bureau, we’ve created a cyberbullying resource to give insight on all aspects of cyberbullying.

Focus on: Cyberbullying

With the growth of social media and the average age of children owning smartphones set at 10, there is a need for more education and information about how to prevent cyberbullying from happening and what to do when it does.

Together with Anti-bullying Alliance and the National Children’s Bureau, we’ve created a cyberbullying resource which explains the different forms of cyberbullying, their impact on children and importantly what parents, carers and schools can do to help a child deal with it.

Who is Anti-Bullying Alliance?

Hosted by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), the Anti-bullying Alliance (ABA) brings together organisations and individuals with a shared vision to stop bullying between children and young people.

ABA coordinates Anti-Bullying Week each November and leads on high profile programmes to reduce levels of bullying. ABA looks to transform research into practice to improve the lives of children and young

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If you’d like to know more about how you as a parent, carer or school can help lower the risk of a child being cyberbullied or prevent others from doing so, download the guide.

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Cyberbullying stats from guide 

Health Outcomes
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Cyber vs. Traditional Bullying
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How common is cyberbullying?
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