FIFA 21 football game safety tips for families

If you’re enjoying watching the UEFA EURO 2020 football championship, you and your family may also be looking to play virtually too. FIFA 21 is one of the most popular games that you might like to try. In this article, we give you some safety tips to make your families experience safer in the game.

What’s on the page

What is the FIFA 21 age rating?

FIFA 21 age rating is PEGI 3 in the UK and E for Everyone in the US. Electronic Arts (or EA) terms and conditions state that players must be 13 or over to play on their platform. The game is available on consoles including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii.

What’s great about FIFA 21?

If you or your child are passionate about football, this football simulation game offers more than enough in terms of content to get you going and is updated every year with the latest teams to keep fans engaged. From the FIFA Ultimate Team mode which allows you to customise teams and the playing field itself to the ability to compete with friends makes it a big draw for all football fans. There are also the eSports leagues and world cups that give the game a competitive edge.

How can it improve children’s development? 

The FIFA series has been used by coaches in the past to help children learn about how to play the game and grow their ‘tactical understanding‘. For those who play in the real world, it can be a way to improve their understanding of the game and all it entails.

What should you watch out for on FIFA 21?

The content on the game is suitable for all ages but there are certain elements (like in all games) that you need to pay extra attention to.

Chat functionality

While children love to interact while playing through the chat functions it’s important to make sure children are aware of how to mute the function if they hear something that is inappropriate and report it.

If they are playing with people they don’t know it’s important to discuss what is and isn’t appropriate to share (see more advice – Are they online gaming with strangers?).

In-game spending

FIFA 21 allows you to buy things to enhance gameplay. To avoid unintended purchases, make sure you agree together with your child, what they are allowed to spend beforehand. You can also use controls on the consoles they use to set spending limits or add in passwords to control spending on the platform.

What are the safety features you can apply to make it safer for young people to play?

FIFA Playtime

Once you have opted into FIFA Playtime feature you can keep an eye on how much time is spent in the game, matches played, purchases of FUT Packs, and the number of FIFA points purchased overall.

The feature allows you to keep a closer eye and stay in control of interactions on the game (visit FIFA 21 site for more information).

Block and mute function on chat

If you or your child come across abuse, harassment, or cheating in the game there are a range of ways you can report things.

You can either use the reporting functions in the game (see EA site for steps on how to do this) or you can contact the game developer through this form to report off-platform.

Things you can do ensure children have the best experience

Encourage children to take regular breaks
You can do this by setting an alarm or using the controls on the console or platform that they are using to help them better manage how much time they spend gaming. See our gaming how-to guides to get started.

Ask them to play in a communal area
This will help you engage with their gameplay and step in if you hear something audio chat that is inappropriate.

If emotions run high in a game, ask them to hit pause
When children play on their own, or for too long, this can affect their mood and mental state. Frustration, not wanting to stop or even anger can be symptoms we notice in our children when they have been playing (read our ‘What to do if gaming gets out of hand‘ article for more advice).

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