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Online gaming explained

Online gaming means you can play in real time with people across the world through a computer, games console, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet. Games can offer children a world of adventure to immerse themselves in, but it’s important to understand how children can stay safe and what games are appropriate for their age.

To support parents, we’ve created a hub of advice to explain and understand the world of online gaming and encourage children to game safely and responsibly online.

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Our Sections

Online gaming: The Basics

All you need to know about gaming to stay engaged and support them

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Online gaming: The risks

Learn how to protect your child from potential risks of online gaming

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Online gaming: The benefits

See how gaming can benefit your child’s development and future prospects

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Online gaming: The resources

Get a list of recommended resources to help children get the best out of online gaming

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Game safe guide

Get tips and advice to help young people get the best out of their gaming experience.

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Working with Supercell

Together with Supercell we’ve translated our gaming advice in a range of languages to offer more support, click to view content in Chinese | French | Portuguese | Spanish| German

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