Socialising online safely

Find tips and tools to help your child stay connected with family and friends safely and share responsibly online.

Policy & guidance
Internet Matters’ submission to Ofcom’s Call for Evidence for the Protection of Children
We support Ofcom's recent appointment as online safety regulator, and view it as a step towards bolstering our efforts to ...
Policy & guidance
Understanding the Online Safety Bill amendments
The Online Safety Bill is in the press once again, with several important changes to the legislation announced.
Policy & guidance
Internet Matters’ submission to the Public Bill Committee for the Online Safety Bill
While Internet Matters welcomes the development of the Online Safety Bill, we believe it could be significantly strengthened to better ...
Policy & guidance
Internet Matters’ response to draft Online Safety Bill
See our response to the Online Safety Bill, which sets out the government’s plans for a new regulatory regime addressing ...
Policy & guidance
Will proposed online harms regulation help children have a safer experience online?
As part of the consultation on Online Harms and Ethics of Data, our Policy Director Claire Levens provides insight that ...