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Parent stories
Online hate and trolling – a parent’s story
Mum Beth shares her family's personal experience with online hate to help other parents support their children on this issue.
Parent stories
Parent shares her story about how her son was bullied online
Laura shares her son's story to encourage other parents to start a conversation about the cyberbullying.
Parent stories
Mum shares psychological impact cyberbullying had on her daughter
This mum’s story reinforces the need to talk and take an active role in a child’s digital life.
Parent stories
One mum’s experience with online child-on-child abuse
Mum, Emma, shares her experience of online child-on-child abuse and what parents can do to help keep their children safe.
Parent stories
Peer pressure to get kids the latest smartphones as they start school
read how Mum Ali copes with the challenges of supporting children as they get their first phones
Parent stories
Getting kids tech ready for transition to secondary school
Mum Helen shares her experience of helping her daughter make the transition to secondary school.
Parent stories
Mum shares son’s experience of cyberbullying while gaming
Natalie shares how she helped her son deal with cyberbullying while he was gaming.
Parent stories
Mum’s letter urging all to stand up to bullying following son’s suicide
Parent stories
How I use my ‘Power for Good’ as a mum and teacher
To shine a light on how parents can use their ‘Power for Good’, mum of three and teacher Emma Bradley ...