Our Corporate Partner, Meta, is helping us engage families on their platform and beyond to educate and help them have safer experiences on social media.

What we are doing together

As over two-thirds of people online have a Facebook account (2 billion), Facebook is a great platform to raise awareness of our resources directly with parents and carers. This is why we use Facebook as a primary platform to engage our audience. We work closely in partnership to make our mission statement a reality – to reach every family in the UK.

Utilising controls and tech tools

We work collaboratively to help shape their parent’s portal for online bullying and advice centre. Raising awareness of their privacy checker and other safety features to help parents make the platform safe for children to use.

Collaborated together at a Round Table discussion on First Time Conversations: How can parents ensure children are safe online from the start?, launching Facebook’s new tools on screen time and Internet Matters’ latest parent report on screen time.

Watch our parent blogger Adele Jennings to learn how to use Facebook’s Privacy Checker
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Antigone Davis
Head of Global Safety Policy 

People come to Facebook to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and family. Our mission is to give people the power to share and to make the world more open and connected. We want everyone to feel safe when using Facebook. That’s why Internet Matters is so important – we are delighted to work with them to help to provide free online safety information and connect parents with the best resources from other expert organisations.

Why support Internet Matters 

Meta has recently become corporate partners of Internet Matters, with a renewed promise to supporting us to engage families on safer online journeys. Their in-kind donations make it possible to speak to parents and carers all year round and with their platform, we are able to use specialist means to reach a targeted audience.

Resources document

Support children’s digital wellbeing on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp with practical tips and free tools.

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