Because children deserve a safe digital world

Be Challenge Aware

Viral online trends attract many children and teens. Most are harmless, but some challenges can be dangerous. Visit our hub to help keep children safe.

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Together, we've got this

We know how challenging it can be to support children online as their digital world changes.

Big School, Small Screen

Find tools to help make the transition into Secondary school smoother.

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Get smart about smartphones

Get practical tips to take action and make your child's smartphone safer to use.

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How we support children's online safety

Find information and safety settings for your child's devices and apps, along with guidance to tackle online issues they may face.

Still not sure where to start?

Tell us a little about you and we’ll provide you with a tailored resource pack.

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Set up rules around safe smartphone use

Find step-by-step guides for smartphones, tablets, laptops and more to help protect children from online dangers.

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Learn about different online safety issues

Watch our online issues series to help children tackle issues they might face on their smartphones and other devices.

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Get guidance for neurodivergent young people

See what research says about neurodivergent young people who play online games and find resources to help them experience more benefits.

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Learn about online safety

Children's experiences online are unique and constantly changing. So, it can be hard to keep up. Here’s how we can help.

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Receive personalised resources and advice for your family that keep you up-to-date as your children grow.

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An oasis in a digital desert

Just to say thank you for existing and caring so much about our young and/or vulnerable people.

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Love Internet Matters

Providing clear, relevant, up to date materials, enabling easy access to support and advice.

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