Samsung Family Hub controls

Security and privacy guide

Samsung Family Hub™ is a refrigerator with a Wifi-enabled touchscreen. It lets you manage your groceries and connect with your family, stream music or mirror a compatible TV. You can manage security controls and set restrictions on Family Hub features and apps to make it safer for the whole family to use.

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What do I need?

Samsung Family Hub™ refrigerator and Samsung account

What specific content and features can I restrict?

icon Apps Access
icon Browser Access

How to set Samsung Family Hub security controls

The below steps show you how to access and set security controls settings with your Family Hub. With these controls, you can limit access to apps and widgets with a PIN.


From the home screen, select Settings, which is shown by a gear icon.


From the Settings menu, select Security. Then tap Enable Restrictions.


When prompted, set your 4-digit PIN. Your children should not know this number. Confirm your PIN and press Set.


Now, you can select the widgets you want to have a digital PIN to restrict access to. Select restricted apps by turning the toggle blue.

To disable Samsung Family Hub security controls, touch Disable Restrictions.


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