Nintendo DS

Controls & Settings guide

The Nintendo DS is very comprehensive with parental controls and can restrict content based upon the age restriction of the game, restrict browsing, block access to shopping services. All of this is accessed through a centralised parental control dashboard.

What do I need?

A Nintendo account (email address/Password)

Restrictions you can apply

icon Apps Access
icon Browser Access
icon Chatting
icon Game Ratings
icon In App purchasing
icon Inappropriate content
icon Media streaming
icon Online games
icon Privacy and identity theft
icon Purchasing
icon Social networking

Step by Step instructions


Enabling Parental Controls

When you enable parental controls, all features are restricted. This includes internet settings. To reduce the restrictions, such as increase the to the next level of age-restricted games, you will have to modify them in the parental control settings.

On the home menu, scroll to ‘Systems Settings’


Tap ‘Parental Controls’


You will be instructed to set a pin. WARNING: if you forget this pin and cannot recover it, you will lose access to parental control settings. Enter your four-digit pin.


You will then be asked for a secret question should you need to reset your pin. Choose the question you’d like to answer from the list.


Enter the answer. Be careful to ensure that the spelling is correct.


That’s your pin set up and parental control will be enabled.


If you wish to reduce the restriction of any of the parental controls, such as age-restricted games, these can be altered in the ‘Parental Control Settings’ button.


Once you are satisfied with your settings, tap the “Done” button to confirm. You will be taken back to the Parental Controls front screen.