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Windows 10

Once you’ve set up a ‘Child Account’ on your Windows 10 device you can manage your child’s activity on the device and online. You get automated reports and weekly email breakdown of their activity to adjust settings if needed.

What do I need?

Access to your Windows 10 computer, the administrator account (or an account with admin rights), your mobile phone number, a Microsoft email account for your child and access to it (if your child does not have an account you can create one during the process).

Restrictions you can apply

Inappropriate content

Browser access

Apps access

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Step by Step Instructions


Log in to the administrator account (or an account with admin rights), from the desktop click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen and then click on the “Settings” cog to open the “Settings” menu.


Click on the “Accounts” section.


Click on the “Family & other people” tab and then click on the “Add a family member” link.


Select the “Add a child” radio button and then enter your child’s Microsoft email address and click “Next”.


If your child does not have a Microsoft email address click on the “The person who I want to add doesn’t have an email address” and then register an email address.


Enter your mobile phone number and click “Next” then untick both boxes on the next screen and click “Next”.


Read this message and make a note of the “” web address which you will be using to monitor and alter your child’s account. Click “Close”.


You will now see the newly created account under “Your family” and they can log into their account on this computer. To ensure your child is protected they must be logged into their account when using the computer. Click on the “Manage family settings online” link.


You will now be on the online platform where you will manage the settings of your child’s account. Click on the “Activity” link.


Here you can set your reports, see your child’s web searches, web browsing, Apps and games, and overall screen time. You are free to set restrictions for each of these categories. Click on the “Screen time” link.


Here you will see the screen time for each device your child’s account uses. You can set limits on these devices by activating the “Screen time limits” toggle buttons. Click on “Content restrictions”.


Now we can set what your child can purchase, age limits for games and apps, block applications, and block websites or set a list of websites that are accessible. The web restrictions only work on the Edge or Internet Explorer web browsers so ensure other browsers on your computer are blocked on this page. Click on “spending”.


On this page, you can set if your child is able to purchase anything from the Microsoft Store as well as their purchase history.

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