If your child is affected by online grooming, there are lots of places to go for more help and advice. See our list of useful resources for further support.

Where to get help

Help for parents

If you want to find out more about how to help protect your child and educate them about online grooming, these resources will be useful:

Advice to protect children from online grooming

Share Aware resource to make children aware of online risks

Report child sexual images to IWF

Guidance to keep children safe from sexual abuse online

Raising awareness around CSE and relationships

For adults worried about child mental health

Information to support children’s wellbeing and resilience

Support for families and professionals on online sexual abuse

Works with children at risk of sexual exploitation

Information on CSE to help parents and professionals

Support for child sexual abuse victims

For adults worried about child mental health

Information to support children and young people to have a safer internet experience

Help for kids

It may be helpful for your child to talk through their worries with a trained counsellor from organisations that have experience dealing with issues around online grooming. There are a number of free services that can be accessed by phone, email, and online chat.

For any worries a child may have

Online qualified counsellors for children

Support service for young people under 25

Confidential advice for suicidal feelings

24 hour helpline for those struggling to cope

Social media

Online grooming will typically involve social media. Here you can find information about social network sites and apps and the safety advice offered by each of the main social media providers for children and parents.

NSPCC Net Aware apps guide

Safety on Twitter

Instagram tips for parents

YouTube policies and safety

Snapchat support

Vulnerable children

Here are charities that specifically work with vulnerable children who are at risk of sexual exploitation online and offline. They offer support and advice to families and professionals.

Action for children speaks out for vulnerable children

Working to support vulnerable children in the UK

Supporting children with disabilities

Working to protect children and prevent abuse

Support and Counselling Services

Should your child need support, counseling, or mentoring to cope with online grooming then these organisations may be able to provide advice and services.

Counselling services for teens

Counselling services for children

A nationwide counselling directory service

How to talk about mental health with your GP

Guide to get the right mental health support

Helpline for unwanted sexual behaviour or abuse in education

0800 136 663

Reports and research

Get advice from organisations who have done research and created relevant reports to inform their actions. See recent documents below.

Finding out your child has been harmed through Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse

Conversations with your child about online/technology-assisted harm