Instagram restricts weight loss posts to support young people’s digital wellbeing

Instagram has introduced new policies to ensure that users under 18 on its platform will not be able to see any diet and cosmetic procedure posts.

This step hopes to remove some of the pressure young people feel when it comes to body image.

Changes to community guidelines and reporting on Instagram

In addition, Instagram will also be restricting posts that promote miraculous claims about weight loss and have a price or an incentive to buy.

There will also be a new functionality that will allow users to report any post that break these new community guidelines. The changes will also to apply to the Facebook platform.

Parents’ role to support teens on body image

In addition to this welcome step from Instagram, it’s also important for parents to play a key role in talking about this issue with their children. Having an open dialogue about their online habits is a great place to start.

Our Ambassador Psychologists Dr Linda Papadopoulos says, “Parents need to teach their kids to be more selective about what comes into their consciousness – if they feel really bad about not having abs and every picture they’re following is people with abs then their child is suddenly going to think everybody has an eight-pack. It’s not the case. They need a more balanced view of what is out there. ”

To support parents we’ve create a support guide for parents on how to promote positive body image with their children.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos offers practical advice on how to support teens as they reach milestone moments on and offline.
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