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My child is actively seeking followers to build a brand online, how can I keep them safe?
How can I help my child feel free to be who they are online while staying safe?
How can I help my child to think critically to protect them against extremist influences?
What should parents know about teens and online dating?
How do I start a conversation to explain what extremism and radicalisation is to my child?
How do I know if my child is vulnerable to radicalisation online?
Can violent video games encourage my child to be aggressive?
How to encouraged teens to make safe choices about relationships
What can I do to ensure my child’s safety over the summer break?
What is online consent and how can I discuss this with my child?
How can cyberbullying affect my child’s mental health?
What is the real-world impact of online hate speech on young people?
Digital self-harm – is it a cry for help?
My child has been negatively affected by something they’ve seen online- what do I do?
How can I help my child take up a new digital ‘green cross code’ to be safe online?
Insight on new digital literacy report & impacts on the curriculum
In the age of social media, how can I help my child maintain a positive body image?
How can I encourage my child to report something if they believe a friend is self-harming?
What is the school’s responsibility to protect my child from extremism?
Why are children encouraging others to ‘roast’ them online?
What impact can selfies have on my child’s self-esteem and mental health?
How likely will cyberbullying happen to my child and how can I protect them?
How can I help my child think critically about the social media influencers they follow?

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