Social networks made for children

See our list of child-friendly social media apps designed to help children learn how to interact with each other and share safely online.

Top social networks for kids

Social media has continued to grow in popularity with both teens and tweens. According a BBC survey more than three quarters of younger children between 10 and 12 years old are using at least one social media network.

If your child is eager to start tweeting, posting or sharing but you feel they’re not ready to use the likes of Facebook or Instagram, then there are a number of alternative social networks made for children that you can point them to.

These offer child-friendly features like games and contests but also give you a chance to use them as teaching tool to get them sharing safely.

Ultimately, these social networks give children a safer environment where they can share their experiences and engage with friends they know.

Social networks for 6-10 Years


Instagram like-app for children with safety built-in

Spotlite Formerly (Kudos Kids) – Parent and his daughter talk about the social media app for kids

Child-friendly features

The Photo sharing social media app gives children the opportunity to explore the world of social networking in a safe environment.

Children can edit their pictures by adding text and drawings and then share the images with an approved list of friends. Friends who receive the image are only able to like, react (limited to three positive reactions) and comment on the photos.

As the main aim of the app is to teach preteens the etiquette of interacting online, it has constant reminders to keep things positive like the comment box that directs users to ‘ leave a nice comment’. The app also picks users who have modeled good behaviour to be ambassadors to other Spotlite users.

Safety features

  • All accounts require a parent or carer to provide email authentication and approval. No friends can be added until a parent approves the account.
  • Geo-targetting is not offered so images will not share your child’s location.
  • Photos are monitored to make sure they’re not inappropriate and all the likes made on photos are anonymous.

Age: 8+
Cost: Free
Available on Android and iOS

PlayKids Talk

Safe instant messaging app to help kids learn how to communicate online

Child-friendly features

Children can decorate photos and send emojis to friends and family. It mimics similar features to the likes of Instragram to make it feel like the real thing.

Safety features

  • To set up the child’s account parents are required to go through age-verification.
  • Parents can control all aspects of the child’s account such as contacts and profile.
  • Parent have access to the account on their phones as well to keep an eye on what is being shared in real time

Age: 7+
Cost: Free
Available on iOS and Android


It’s an online safety social platform used by schools and families

GoBubble social media app for under 13s

ChatFOSS enables children to have the functionality of imessage, snapchat (without the deletion) Oovoo and instagram. They can instantly share messages, photos and video chat with friends.

GoBubble is a specialist social platform designed with younger children in mind. It’s the creation of former police sergeant and e-safety guru Henry Platten who co-founded the multi-award winning eCadets. It puts schools at the centre of the app to allow them to help children collaborate on school projects, learn about new cultures, develop pen pals, teach children about safe social media use, and send parents messages via the site.

The key difference with Go Bubble compared to other sites like Facebook is that schools sign up pupils, with parental approval, rather than the children signing up for themselves.

The web and app version of Go Bubble is available free to schools. Outside of school, parents and children can access Go Bubble via the web for free or have the option of downloading the app onto their tablet, laptop or mobile device.

Safety features

  • Live moderation team who review flagged messages
  • Removes any inappropriate images, text, audio, video, or emojis
  • Advert free
  • Due to its comprehensive safety features, the site has been awarded a PEGI 3 rating – the safest age rating available from the governing body (Pan European Gaming Information).

Age: 3+
Cost: Free for the two weeks and then £1 a month
Available on iOS and Android

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Social networks for 11- 13 Years


Offers moderated chatrooms and encourages children to be creative

Child-friendly features:

Children can express themselves by posting blogs, artwork or posting comments in forums. There are also games and read articles around topics that interest them.

Safety features:

  • Uses staff to moderated the content that is posted throughout the site
  • There are also filters that find and remove any inappropriate content

Age: 11+
Cost: Free
Available on iOS


Creative community app for kids

Child-friendly features:

Users create content for their own pages using stickers, photos and drawing tools and can follow people or brands they are interested in; from their favourite games, ‘word of the day’ or learning a new language!

Safety features:

  • Dedicated moderators monitor PopJam 24 hours a day and are active members of the community
  • Messages can only be sent to someone if you are both following each other
  • All post are monitored
  • You can report inappropriate content and stop following easily

Age: 9+
Cost: Free
Available on iOS and Android

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Social networks for 14+ Years


Social networking site created “by kids for kids”

Child-friendly features

Teens can create avatars of themselves but their real names do not appear on the site. They can also get help with homework, share images and videos.

Safety features

  • Applies a filter to remove any abusive language
  • Requires email verification from parent to open an account
  • Parents have access to child’s account to monitor activity like what friends are added and what is shared

Age: 13+
Cost: Free
Available on iOS and Android

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