PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Controls & Settings guide

The PlayStation 4 parental controls through Family Management allow you to restrict content with mature content, manage screen time and limit spending. You can also disable the internet browser and access to other features like PlayStation VR. Using the PS4 console, you can also enable parental control restrictions on the PlayStation Network to keep children safe online while they game.

Compete against your child to see who knows more about the PlayStation Network parental controls with Press Start for PlayStation Safety.

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What do I need?

Access to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console and a PlayStation Network account for parents and guardians.

Restrictions you can apply

icon Apps Access
icon Browser Access
icon Game Ratings
icon Inappropriate content
icon Online games
icon Privacy and identity theft
icon Purchasing

Step by Step instructions


How to set up parental controls

Setting parental controls on PlayStation 4 helps keep children safe online while they game and watch content. They also help you monitor your child’s use of the PS4 console.

To set up parental controls:

Step 1 – Using your account, sign-in to the PlayStation 4 console. This account serves as the Family Manager.
Step 2 – Press UP on the controller and then navigate right until you get to the icon that looks a little like a briefcase and says Settings underneath. Press X to select it.
Step 3 – Scroll down to Parental Controls/Family Management and press X to select. From here, you can go into Family Management to set up users and parental controls.


Where to add family members

You can add any user who uses the PS4 console to the Family Management screen. This will help you set user permissions for both adults and children.

To add family members:

Step 1 – From the Parental Controls/Family Management screen, highlight Family Management and press X.
Step 2 – Select Create User. Enter the user’s name and date of birth and then select Next.
Step 3 – Set up relevant parental controls:

Age Level for Games

This feature lets you set the maximum age level in games that your child can access. The age that you set means they can access all content within and below that level. It’s a good idea to set this based on their age and make tweaks later as needed.

Age Level for Blu-ray Disc and DVD Videos

If your child might watch content through Blu-Ray or DVD, you can set limits for what content they are allowed to watch.

Use of PlayStation VR

Because VR is not appropriate for younger children, with most platforms suggesting 13+ and PlayStation suggesting 12+, if your child is younger, you can limit their access to VR if applicable.

Use of Internet Browser

If you don’t want your child to use the console as an internet browser, you can turn this option off.

Step 4 – Highlight Confirm and press X to select.
Step 5 – Choose whether your child can access the PlayStation Network. If you do this, make sure you set up controls in the PSN.

You can also play Press Start for PlayStation Safety with them to test their knowledge of the PlayStation Network to help keep them safe.


Customise user permissions

Once all users are added, set their permissions to ensure the controls you put in place aren’t changed. You can also give other trusted adults permission to make changes.

To set up user permissions:

Step 1 – From the Parental Controls/Family Management screen, accessible through the PS4 console settings, select Family Management.
Step 2 – Select the user you wish to edit. Set the up as Parent/Guardian or provide Family Member Information.
Step 3 – For children’s profiles, you can set content filters and spending limits under Parental Controls:

Viewing Content Created by Other Players

You can turn off the display of content including videos, images and text that is shared by other players on the PlayStation Network. This is ideal for younger children as there might be some inappropriate content for their age.

Age Filtering for Online Content

Here, you can restrict access to online content for your child. It will also hide content and games in the PlayStation Store based on your child’s age that you set when creating their account.

Monthly Spending Limit

You can set monthly limits to purchases of games and other content for each user. All funds come from the Family Manager’s wallet, which they will need to add money to.

Step 4 – From the user screen, you can also stay on top of screen time.

Play Time Settings

This helps you manage screen time. You can also see how much time they have spent playing per day to help them balance their screen time.

Step 5 – From the user screen, scroll down to Reset Password, which they can use to access the PlayStation Network.

See the PlayStation Network parental controls guide to add additional security.