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How to help LGBTQ+ children find safe online communities and resources

Ditch the Label
14th February 2022 by Lucy Jowett
If your child has identified or thinks they identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, there are hundreds of online communities and resources that can help.

Online Safety Unwrapped

26th November 2021 by Sheena Peckham
This festive season, we're bringing you 12 days of online safety resources to keep the family safe throughout the season and all year long.

Setting up gaming consoles this festive season

24th November 2021 by Internet Matters Team
This festive season get consoles and video gaming platforms set up safely before gifting with simple how-to guides and expert advice.

How to protect children from online sexual harm

Marie Collins Foundation, NWG Network
1st November 2021 by NWG Network
Learn how to minimise the risks of online harm and what you can do to help your child if you discover they are victims of this crime.

Young people share their online experiences in new report

Internet Matters
6th October 2021 by Internet Matters Team
The Demystifying Teens Online Interactions report hears from young people about their experiences online and concerns that come from spending time online.

Interactive tool launched in partnership with Samsung Electronics UK promoting inclusive culture online

Internet Matters
20th July 2021 by Internet Matters Team
The Online Together Project is a co-created initiative between Internet Matters & Samsung UK – with the first phase focusing on gender stereotypes.

How to help your children respect gender equality online

Internet Matters
20th July 2021 by Dr. Linda Papadopoulos
Psychologist and IM Ambassador Dr Linda Papadopoulos provides insight on how to help young people tackle gender stereotypes online with young people.

Grandparents’ guide to online safety

14th July 2021 by Internet Matters Team
To help grandparents get to grips with life online, we've created a new Grandparents Guide to Online Safety offering advice to keep kids safe this summer.

Social gaming and live streaming apps

5th July 2021 by Internet Matters Team
Get advice on latest social gaming and live streaming apps children are using to help them get the most out of their experience.

Protect your child from online grooming

19th May 2021 by Internet Matters Team
Learn how to protect your child from online grooming with some practical tips and tools to help them recognise when they are at risk and take action.

Launch of online money management hub

14th April 2021 by Internet Matters Team
Internet Matters has launched a new hub to help parents address the issue of children’s online money management as they grow up in an increasingly cashless society.

Online money management guide

12th April 2021 by Internet Matters Team
We've created this hub for parents and carers to support and develop children and young people's money management skills online.

Socialising safely online

5th December 2020 by Internet Matters Team
Check out our recommended resources, advice and tips to help your child socialise safety and have a positive time online during the summer holidays.
Policy & guidance

Consultation response: Online Harms and the Ethics of Data

24th November 2020 by Claire Levens
As part of the consultation on Online Harms and Ethics of Data, we have provided insight that we have gained from parents, teenagers, and academics.

Ask Mr Burton – Your online safety questions answered!

Internet Matters
13th October 2020 by Internet Matters Team
Matt Burton, Head Teacher of Thornhill Academy – best known as “Mr Burton” from Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire has answered parents/carers online safety and back to school queries.

Connecting and sharing online – supporting care experience children

14th September 2020 by Internet Matters Team
As part of the Inclusive Digital Safety hub, find advice on how to safeguard care-experienced children and young people as they connect and share online.