Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out

Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out
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bullying affects millions of lives and
can leave us feeling hopeless
but if we challenge it we can change it
and it starts by reaching out
it doesn’t stop with young people
from teachers to parents and influences
to politicians we all have our part to
reach out to someone you trust if you
need to talk
reach out to someone if you know they’re
being bullied reach out by being the
change you want to see
it takes courage but it can change lives
so this anti-bullying week let’s come
together and reach out to stop bullying

As a member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, we are proud to support Anti-Bullying Week 2022 (14th – 18th November). This year’s theme is all about reaching out — when you see bullying and when you need help. Tackle bullying and cyberbullying with expert resources.

Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out

The Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) coordinates Anti-Bullying Week, and this year’s theme is Reach Out.

“Whether it’s in school, at home, in the community or online, let’s reach out and show each other the support we need,” the ABA says. “Reach out to someone you trust if you need to talk. Reach out to someone you know is being bullied. Reach out and consider a new approach.”

This year’s theme aims to empower young people to do something positive to counter harm and hurt that bullying causes. From kids to teachers, influencers to parents, this year’s theme aims to involve everyone. “It takes courage, but it can change lives. So, this Anti-Bullying Week, let’s come together and reach out to stop bullying.”

From 14 to 18 November, take a stand against bullying in all its forms.

Get involved

Unlike bullying at school, it is difficult to escape cyberbullying. As such some parents might limit how much their child can access their devices. However, these devices may also be the one connection they have to their friends or supportive online spaces.

Therefore, it’s more important to teach your child how to get help, where to report cyberbullying and options for reaching out to talk to someone.

Whether you’re a teacher, parent or carer, the ABA has resources to get involved with this year’s theme:

Cyberbullying advice hub

Get advice for you and your child to tackle cyberbullying and find support.


Anti-bullying resources to use with children

These resources can teach children how to reach out for help with cyberbullying issues.

Reach out with Digital Matters

This year, fight cyberbullying with engaging virtual activities that promote discussion and critical thinking.

What is online bullying? How is it different from bullying offline? Where can you go if you need help?

Introduction to Cyberbullying helps children learn about the different parts of online bullying, including the types and how to get support to keep having positive experiences online.

Both Interactive Learning and Once Upon Online have been quality assured by the PSHE Association and achieved their Quality Mark.

Teach with Digital Matters for Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Interactive Learning

Take children through three sections of quiz-style questions, encouraging discussion about:

  • what cyberbullying is and isn’t
  • different types of cyberbullying
  • making positive choices
  • reaching out to help someone in positive ways

For parents, this section could take about 10 minutes. However, a good discussion might make it a little longer.

Once Upon Online

Let children apply their knowledge in Friendships in Danger, the Online Bullying story.

Alex is upset by Riley’s messages about his good friend Zane. Should he say something or just keep it to himself? Your child can help Alex make positive choices as he navigates different types of cyberbullying by using what they know about online bullying.

For parents, this section could take 10-15 minutes.

Visit Digital Matters

Guidance to tackle cyberbullying

Reach out to tackle cyberbullying with resources across Internet Matters.

Who is the Anti-Bullying Alliance?

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is made up of organisations and individuals who work together to stop bullying. These allies create safer environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn. They are hosted by the National Children’s Bureau and is part of the NCB Education and Equalities Team.

Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out – official Primary School film

Anti-Bullying Week 2022: Reach Out – official Secondary School film

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