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Minecraft has no central parental or privacy settings but there are methods you can take to reduce a child’s likelihood of exposure to inappropriate language on PC and Xbox Live such as turning off chat functions. Swear words are automatically filtered out in chats.

What do I need?

A Sky ID (Username and Password) - If you haven’t signed up, you will need a contact email address and your Sky account number or your account direct debit details.

Restrictions you can apply

Limit gameplay


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Step by Step Instructions


Access Family-Friendly Servers

You can access family-friendly servers with the help of volunteers who monitor the Minecraft world for any inappropriate language, inappropriate content and bullying. An example is who maintain private servers that are family friendly.


Turn Off Chat and External Website Links

When playing a multiplayer game online, press the escape key. Click options and then ‘multiplayer settings’.


Click on ‘chat: shown’ to turn chat off.


Also, since the Minecraft community is extremely active outside of the game, many players use YouTube to discuss their projects. It is worthwhile to add parental controls to your YouTube account if your child is a fan of Minecraft. See our YouTube parental guide here.

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