Xbox release their Family Settings app (preview)

With the Xbox Family Settings app, you can easily manage your children’s gaming activities on Xbox consoles, all from your phone and in real time.

Microsoft has released the preview version of an Xbox Family Settings app for Android and 10,000 iOS users that manage what, when and how children play on Xbox consoles.

What features are available during the preview?

  • Set up your family account
  • Set screen time and update content restrictions
    • Activity reports – Gain insight into your family’s Xbox gaming activity with daily and weekly activity reports
      Screenshot of Xbox family settings app
    • Screen time – Set console screen time for your children and block or unblock content
      Screenshot of Xbox family settings app
  • Incoming requests – Manage incoming requests for screen time. Coming soon, manage requests for friends
    Screenshot of Xbox family settings app
  • Privacy tools – Set communication limits and allow online multiplayer in each child’s Xbox profile
    Screenshot of Xbox family settings app
  • Friend management – Stay on top of incoming friend requests
    Screenshot of Xbox family settings app

Managing your child’s friend list and incoming friend requests will be coming soon.

When is the full version of the app available?

The finished app should be available later in 2020 with the rollout of the full features.

The Xbox Family Settings app is only compatible with iOS version 10 or higher and Android version 5 or higher.

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