Mum shares her experience with working from home

It’s early days but Keri-Anne thinks the family is coping well with working from home and looking after the children. The children’s education will always take priority, so Keri-Anne has been juggling her own to-do list to ensure that the girls can keep up with schoolwork.

The challenges

Kerri-Anne admits she is struggling with some guilt about isolating the family. “The challenge will always be guilt. The constant worry that you aren’t giving them enough attention or help, and if you’re on a tight deadline, you might not be able to drop everything at that moment”.

“The silver lining of this situation is having the girls with me. They always motivate me to be the best I can, and they love seeing what photographs I’m taking, or editing. Having their input has been really good fun,” says Kerri-Anne.

Adjusting to the change

However, Kerri-Anne is grateful for the multitude of resources that are available online, and the education platforms to help the children. “Many of the online platforms have teaching functions that show the girls if they don’t understand, and this is where they’re so much more beneficial than workbooks,” she says.

“There are so many amazing companies offering free resources at the moment, so the girls have been able to explore lots of different programmes and play new games. It’s been exciting for them, and in turn, that’s helped with their learning.”

Using tech to bring togetherness

The family is also using technology for communication with friends and family. “It’s very important for the children to chat freely with trusted people we have added to their devices,” says Keri-Anne. “It’s also allowed us to check the status of certain stores to check on stock levels before we go out. Just having that access to the outside world makes all the difference.”

Dealing with the family’s wellbeing

The family is also trying to keep aware of everyone’s emotional wellbeing. “We all have days where we don’t feel ourselves, and that goes for children too,” Keri-Anne says. “They will be battling these feelings as well as trying to carry on with their work.”

To help alleviate any stress or worries, the family has incorporated lots of downtime into their daily routine, with activities to promote relaxation.
She says: “The girls love listening to ASMR on their devices and we use a platform called Relax Kids and having access to calming techniques has helped.”

School resources

Keri-Anne is full of praise for her children’s school and believes they have done an amazing job under the circumstances.
“Our school has sent home really fun learning packs that the girls want to work through, and many educational companies have made resources free for families, which is an amazing gesture,” she says.

“In a time when they could be profiting from families, they’ve really shown that education is their main focus and priority and made people’s lives easier.”

Keri-Anne’s top tip - plan one day at a time light-bulb

She advises parents to take into account younger children’s feelings too. “We don’t over-plan. At home lessons can be done quite quickly because it’s a one to one setting, so we take that into account”.

Keri-Anne is a photographer and mum of two living in the North West with her two daughters. She writes a blog at

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