Moving to secondary school

Tools to support the Year 6 transition

As children transition from Primary School to Secondary, they experience many digital firsts, with many getting their first smartphone.

Help them understand the possible risks and benefits of going online with our resources for parents, carers and teachers to use at home and in the classroom.

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What are kids doing online?

Social interactions online are central to the digital experience of children moving to secondary school.

Not only are they learning to communicate with each other online, but they’re also making important decisions on how to present themselves to the world.

As such, it’s important to children that they have the right smartphone, use the popular apps and take part in the latest trends to feel like they ‘fit in’.

That means helping children find the balance between connecting with friends online and managing their safety and wellbeing.

Real experiences from a parent, teen and teacher

Learn from others and their experience of transitioning from Primary to Secondary.

A parent’s experience

Mum, Adele Jennings, shares her experience as a parent.

A teen’s experience

Amber Jennings, teen, shares her experience of starting secondary school.

A teacher’s experience

Headteacher, Matthew Burton, shares guidance for parents.

Advice for parents and carers

Find more advice and guidance

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Create your family's toolkit

Answer questions about your child's digital life, interests and experiences to get filtered and relevant online safety advice.

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Set up parental controls

Find one of over 100 step-by-step parental controls guides across social media, video games, broadband and more to keep children safe.

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Agree on boundaries together

With your child, create digital boundaries such as when and where to use devices so they can develop a healthy relationship with tech.

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Activities to do with your child

Help your child learn key online safety skills that will support them as they transition into secondary school.

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Tackling Online Hate

Use this interactive quiz to help you have important discussions about appropriate behaviours online. Challenge your child to see who knows more about tackling online hate.

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Once Upon Online

These choose-your-own-adventure stories help children learn skills from balancing screen time to behaving appropriately online. Choose a story to help your child develop their media literacy.

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Conversation guide

Keep on top of your child’s safety by continuing conversations into secondary. Staying involved through conversation can help children feel like they can come to you if something goes wrong.


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