Ofcom Media use and attitudes report 2018

This Ofcom report examines children’s media literacy.

It provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as information about the media access and use of young children aged 3-4. It also includes findings relating to parents’ views about their children’s media use.

Key findings

According to Ofcom’s latest report into children’s media literacy, children’s online time stopped growing for the first time in 2018 – estimated at an average of 2 hours 11 minutes per day, the same as the year before – their average daily TV time has fallen year on year by almost eight minutes, to an estimated 1 hour 52 minutes.

The report also shows that YouTube remains children’s primary online destination, with 80% having used it. Nearly half (49%) of children, and a third (32%) of pre-schoolers aged 3-4, now watch subscription on-demand services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV.

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