Samsung Kids Mode App creates a child-friendly online space to help children explore safely

A short video showcasing the benefits of Samsung’s Kids Mode app for young children.

If you have a Samsung tablet or smartphone, Kids Mode is a great way to turn your device into a family-friendly space for your child to play and learn in a safer environment. Learn more about how you can make use of it to support your child digital journey.

What are the benefits of using Kids Mode?

The Kids Mode App helps to keep your children safe whilst being entertained using a Samsung smartphone or tablet. The app has a range of fun features and over 2500 unique education and recreational apps all within a safe space.

What controls are available? 

The apps parental controls area allows parents to do a number of things to ensure their children are safe while on a Samsung smartphone or tablet including; setting usage time limits, downloading specific apps to Kids Mode and having the area protected by a secure PIN code set by parents.

What device is it compatible with? 

The app can be used on devices with an OS Android 8.0 and lower and can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store. Those with a newer OS can use Kids Home accessible from the Quick Panel Preload. Chick here for more information on Kids Home.


Learn more about how Samsung are working with us to offer support to UK parents to keep their children safe online.

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