Positive online content campaign for kids

This new campaign raises awareness of the need to provide children with digital content that helps them to learn, have fun and develop a positive view of themselves and others.

The Positive Online Content Campaign (POCC), organised by Better Internet for Kids, will take place from the 25 to 29 September 2017. It will give parents, teachers, children, and organisations who create content for children an opportunity to spread the word about positive online content and make sure children have access to the best possible experiences online.

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Support the campaign thunderclap to spread the word to your network of family and friends. Follow the conversation during the week using #positivecontent hashtag.

Get involved in Twitter chat

As part of the week-long campaign, there will be a parent and carers Twitter chat on Wednesday 27 September at 2 pm. Get involved by using #ChatPOCC and get tips and tricks and infographic to help your child get the best of the net.

See positive online content for kids

Take a look at our list of fun and engaging apps for kids and teens for ideas on apps that can help your child have a positive online experience.

You can also see our list of free wellbeing apps that can help improve your child’s general mental health and development.

See the ‘Positive Online Content checklists‘ to see what guidelines content producers should follow to provide good quality content for kids.

More about POCC campaign

What is Better Internet for Kids?

Better Internet for Kids offers a place for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, resources and best practices between key online safety stakeholders to increase access to high-quality content for children and young people, step up awareness and empowerment, create a safe environment for children online, and fight against child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation. It was set up on behalf of the European Commission.

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