Parents share top gifts on children’s Christmas wish list

With Christmas approaching, we asked parents and carers what’s on their child’s Christmas wish list this year and this is what they said.

What’s on top of children’s Christmas wish list this year?

From our social audience, four out of 10 parents reported that tech gifts topped their children’s Christmas wish list closely followed by gaming-related gifts such as consoles and video games.

Below we’ve provided advice and further guides to get devices set up safely and tips on how to choose the best tech for children based on their needs.


Whether you are gifting your child their first smartphone or you are upgrading their existing one, ensure the appropriate settings are set up before they use it. Find out more here.

Three iphones


Online gaming is incredibly popular with children and young people — gaming consoles, for example, the PS5, is a want for many kids this Christmas. If you’re stuck on what games to get, check our top videos games children want to play this Christmas article.

PS5 games console

Smart watches

Wearable devices such as smartwatches have increased in popularity recently. While adults are drawn to Garmin and Fitbit sport tracking features and the Apple Watch’s intelligent interactions, there are also watches aimed at the children’s market too. Check these out here.


A tablet is somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop and is designed to be held in one or two hands. We have suggested a range of child-friendly tablets that offer age-appropriate educational apps and good parental controls.


Wireless headphones

Wireless earphones or headphones offer greater mobility and less tangles and can be perfect for kids to listen to music or play games. Please note, wireless headphones may not be suitable for very young children as they have sensitive ears.

Wireless headphones


Although tech and gaming is top of the list, money can be a safe gift idea as your child can spend it as they wish.

British money


The three most popular laptop brands are Apple, Windows, and Chrome – these prices can vary according to what you need the laptop to do. You can read more buying tips and advice here.


Smart speakers

When used correctly, smart speakers can be a great way to reduce kids screen time and can benefit those with disabilities that make using a keyboard or screen challenging. Check out our smart speaker set up guide for tips and advice.

Smart speaker

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