How to make social media work for your child

In this article, we’ve identified six ways you can make social media work for your child.

Although social media can expose children to digital challenges, it can also be a great tool to help them build a positive digital footprint that will serve them for years to come.

What are the positive aspects of social media?

Building positive digital footprints

  • It can be a great way to express themselves and share talents, achievements and with others and find opportunities to pursue their passions. See our online reputation guide for ways to help them manage a good digital footprint

Supporting others

  • It removes boundaries for children who may not be able to see friends and family face-to-face and offer them to tap into a community they can seek support from on issues that matter to them

Staying connected with people they care for

  • It can help maintain and strengthen relationships with friends and family

Finding their tribe

Becoming an influencer

Sharing tips with children

Encourage children to visit the Facebook Youth portal to help them think about ways they can use their interaction on social media for good.

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