Plusnet Plays on the Internet:

Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say

Together with Plusnet and children’s author Konnie Huq, we have created a trilogy of plays about online safety.

This play addresses the theme of online reputation and is tailored for young people aged 14+. Use the script to help children learn about this issue and stay safe online.

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What’s inside?

In addition to the script of the play, you’ll find workshop activities that you can do with students to help them engage and understand the meaning and importance of the theme.

Play Synopsis

A pair of lifelong friends both receive their first mobile phones together on their 15th birthday. With their lives fully documented online, how will their digital decisions affect their future, and will they use the internet for good?

Chickenshed theatre group showcase play – Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say – in one-off performance
Theme overview

The internet keeps a record of everyone’s online behaviour – the photos we upload, the comments other people make about us and the things we buy. This is our online reputation. It is important children understand how to manage their online reputation and the impact of having a negative online reputation.

Tips to help reinforce safety messaging

Encourage them to keep it positive online

Actions online can have real-world consequences – share real stories to help them understand the power of being positive online

Make sure they know how to report abuse

Together get familiar with the reporting and blocking settings available on  the platforms they use to screen out any abuse that breaks a platform’s community guidelines

Empower them to be themselves online

Encourage children not to hide behind anonymity online and be tempted to say or do things they shouldn’t. Use examples to highlight the power of being real online and developing their passions to create a positive digital footprint

Encourage them to do a search on their name

Make sure they are aware of the information that future employers and  teachers may see and take a call to remove anything that is unpleasant or incorrect

Make them aware that they can recover from mistakes made online

Let them know that if they make a mistake by posting something they shouldn’t there is always a way to deal with it and give them support to make smarter choices in the future

Highlight importance of choosing respect

Talk to them about respecting other people’s privacy and viewpoints even if  you don’t agree with them

Resources document

We’ve created an advice hub to offer parents more tips and advice to help children create a positive digital footprint.

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