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Social media sites are a huge favourite with children, allowing them to stay in touch with friends over chat, meet new people with similar interests, and share photos and videos.

Used appropriately, social networks are a great place for young people to demonstrate their creativity. As a parent, there’s plenty you can do to ensure your children’s experience is both safe and fun.

We’ve created a hub of advice to help you encourage your teen to build up the tools to make social media work for them and navigate the risks and rewards that it can bring.

Why social media is a concern for parents

Atlantic’s video looking at the fear parents may have over children social media use and how to resolve it
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From oversharing to monitoring who they are talking to while they are online, our expert article provides insight on how to help teens share safely on social media.

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See UKCIS practical guide for parents whose children are using social media platforms

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Social media basics

See advice on what you need to know to help your child navigate social media sites safely

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Social media concerns

Get advice on what potential risks to watch out for if your child is using social and how to protect them

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Social media benefits

Learn how you can help teens make social media work for them so they can benefit from it as they grow

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See a list of organisations that can support you and your child

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Get tools and tips to support your child’s digital wellbeing on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

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