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OS X Mavericks parental controls

Mavericks Parental control allows your kids to have a safe and happy experience on the Mac. Using Parental Controls preferences, you can manage, monitor, and control the time your kids spend on the Mac, the websites they visit, and the people they chat with.

What do I need?

To have Mavericks installed on your mac computer. Password for all users.

Restrictions you can apply

Inappropriate content

Browser access

Apps access


Alcohol & tobacco

Hate & Self-harm

Weapons & violence




Online games

Media stream

obscene and tasteless

Fashion & beauty

Search engines

Sex education

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Step by Step Instructions


On your mac desktop, choose Apple menu in top corner and system preferences.


Then click Parental Controls.


When you open Parental Controls preferences, if you see the message “There are no user accounts to manage,” you’ll need to create another profile which you can manage.


Select the user, then click Enable Parental Controls.


Click one of the tabs along the top to start restricting things. First on the list is Apps. Specify which apps the child can access.


Select web to specify which websites the child can access.


Select stores to specify which online entertainment sites the child can access.


Select time to specify what time periods the child can access the mac.


Select privacy to specify which apps can access the child’s data.


Select other to specify the last remaining software you may want the child to have restricted access too.

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