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Presentation packs to support parents

When it comes to children and young people’s online safety, parents often rely on schools. This may be because of their trust in teachers’ ability to pick up on issues quickly or simply because they lack expertise.

We have designed the below resources to support parents and carers as they tackle their child’s online safety.

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Parent Presentations

Download this selection of online safety presentations, along with scripts, to support parents and carers as they learn about the importance of online safety. Making connections between school and home will help young people take charge of staying safe online.

Age Guides

These digital age guides outline common online safety issues faced by children from early years all the way up to secondary school. Support parents and carers in tackling everything from cyberbullying to grooming by providing them with these links.

Leaflets and posters

Provide parents with digital or hard copies of these leaflets and posters to help keep their children safe online. Pick and choose which resources are most relevant for the parents and carers of your specific students.

E-safety Leaflets

See our free online safety leaflets and resources available to download.

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Poster Packs

Demonstrates key issues and the need to understand and get involved.

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Interactive learning

Encourage parents and carers to engage their children in online safety with these interactive learning activities. Because they are more hands-on, online safety becomes fun and memorable for both child and parent.

  • Plays on the Internet
    This trilogy of plays created with Plusnet explores issues of grooming, cyberbullying and online reputation in a unique and interactive way.
  • Digital Matters
    This online learning platform teaches key online safety issues through interactive activities and a choose-your-own-adventure story.
  • The Online Together Project
    Parents and children can work together to complete quizzes on online hate or gender stereotypes to challenge biases with discussion.
  • Find the Fake
    This quiz created with Google tackles the topic of fake news and misinformation. Parents and children can complete this quiz and discuss their answers together.

Other Resources

Support parents and carers further with these online resources that promote online safety at home. From expert guides to our regular newsletter, these resources help build their confidence in tackling online safety issues.

Inclusive Digital Safety Hub

Tools and resources to support children and young people with SEND, those part of the LGBTQ+ community, and care-experienced.


Social Media Guides

With so many children and teens using social media, it’s important for parents to be aware of the issues they might come across.

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