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Extremism and Radicalisation Awareness (EARA)

Kidscape’s Extremism and Radicalisation Awareness (EARA) programme features a 3-stage model to help schools safeguard students against the risk of radicalisation.

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Using External Visitors to Support Online Safety Education

This guidance has been created to enable Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs), PSHE Leads and other staff working within educational settings to make informed decisions regarding the effective use of external visitors to support online safety education.

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Tackling Race and Faith Targeted Bullying

Create by UKCCIS and the Anti-Bullying Alliance, this guide highlights some key actions that can both prevent, and respond to race and faith targeted bullying in a school environment. There are also links to further resources and activities that can help you in your approach to promoting good relationships and equality in your school.

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Prevent & Channel Duty – A Toolkit for Schools

The Prevent and Channel Duty toolkit offers guidelines on how to implement Prevent strategy in schools and features as self-assessment for those who have a role to play in safeguarding children.

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Education for a Connected World

UKCCIS guidance on what a child should know in terms of current online technology, and what skills they need to be able to navigate it

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Curriclum planning

UK Safer Internet Centre advice on how to create an effective internet safety curriculum in your school.

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Professionals Online Safety Helpline

For online safety concerns – the helpline is available to call (0844 381 4772) or email Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.

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